Over the years, Philly311 has offered in-person trainings in community spaces to raise awareness of our services and teach residents the best ways to use them. These sessions help residents understand how we work and how anyone can use Philly311 to access City services. To encourage safe social distancing practices during COVID-19, we’ve made these trainings digital by launching Philly311’s Online Learning Platform.

What is Philly311’s Online Learning Platform?

On our online learning platform, residents will be able to take courses from their computer or smart phone. These courses are self-paced and can be taken at any time. They will guide residents on reporting issues through Philly311 effectively. Residents will also learn about various tools that will help to connect them with their local government and engage with their community.

What You Can Learn

The first two courses on the online learning platform are Intro to Philly 311 and Using the Philly311 Mobile App. Intro to Philly311 provides a basic overview of Philly311 and how we work with other City departments. Using the Philly311 Mobile App is an in-depth look at our mobile app. It will focus on using the app to report issues, locating nearby requests, and finding useful information on City services. Both courses take about 30 minutes to complete and are aimed for residents of all ages.

Start Now

Our goal is to make navigating local government and accessing City services easier for Philadelphians. Now you can learn how from the comfort of your own home!