It is worth mentioning again, our first-ever all virtual CLE was a huge success.  Thank you to all of the presenters who helped put together this year’s program.   The Law Department is now certified to conduct virtual CLE programming, so stay tuned for more opportunities throughout the year.

We were thrilled to have the Honorable Theodore McKee, Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit provide our keynote address on the first day of the CLE.  A long-time champion of justice, and Law Department alumni, Judge McKee delivered powerful remarks on how racism and bias influence everyday actions and decisions in the legal profession.

We also want to thank our presenters and coordinators:  Meghan Byrnes (Appeals), Barri Friedland (Code & Public Nuisance), Elise Bruhl (HIPAA & Privacy), Jane Hwang (Child Welfare), India McGee (Regulatory), Jane Seu (Code & Public Nuisance),  Michael Gutierrez (Commercial Law), Jean Carn-Wolf (Child Welfare), Jessica Rodriguez (Child Welfare), Adrian Dean (Commercial Law), Kia Ghee (Labor & Employment), Elizabeth Okapu (Code & Public Nuisance), and Sam Scavuzzo (Tax & Revenue). Also, kudos to the Diversity and Inclusion, Professional Development and the Public Service Committees for once again co-sponsoring sessions of the CLE.

And a  special thank you goes out to the team who worked tirelessly to put together the program and arranged the technology that made it possible.  Thank you to the one and only Almond Michele Mack, Craig Straw, and to the team of Maria Rosado and Kadidja Nanakasse.  There would not have been a CLE without you.

Congratulations once again to our award winners.  While it was unfortunate that we didn’t get to hear the applause and see the surprised or embarrassed faces of our winners this year, we were still glad we had the opportunity to recognize some of the extraordinary work that has taken place.

The award winners were:

  • Jason Greenspon, Deputy City Solicitor,  Code & Public Nuisance
  • Brad Bak, Divisional Deputy City Solicitor,  Regulatory Law
  • Patrick O’Neil, Divisional Deputy City Solicitor,  Regulatory Law
  • Dennis Yuen, Senior Attorney, Regulatory Law
  • James Kellet, Deputy City Solicitor, Regulatory Law
  • Shannon Zabel, Assistant City Solicitor, Civil Rights
  • Sean McGrath, Assistant City Solicitor, Affirmative & Special Litigation
  • Tam Tran, Deputy City Solicitor, Tax & Revenue
  • Shari Outen, Legal Assistant Supervisor, Tax & Revenue
  • Melanie Levin, Deputy City Solicitor, Health & Adult Services
  • Brian Zesdorn, Data Support Services Clerk, Health & Adult Services
  • MJ Markle, Divisional Deputy City Solicitor, Real Estate & Development
  • Damaris Walker, Assistant City Solicitor, Real Estate & Development
  • Michael Pratt, Deputy City Solicitor, Child Welfare
  • Christopher Rider, Divisional Deputy City Solicitor, Labor & Employment
  • Alexandra Athanasiadis, Deputy City Solicitor, Tort Litigation
  • Sandra Bui, Legal Assistant, Tort Litigation
  • Nora Day, Legal Assistant, Legislation & Legal Counsel
  • Meghan Goddard, Divisional Deputy City Solicitor, Child Welfare
  • Lisa Bryant-Nelson, Legal Assistant Supervisor, Child Welfare
  • Cody Williams, Contracts Manager – Administrative Services
  • The Appeals Unit – Jane Istvan, Craig Gottlieb, Kelly Diffily, Jenna MacNaughton, Meghan Byrnes, Zack Strassburger
  • Jo Rosenberger Altman, Senior Attorney, Legislation & Legal Counsel
  • Iveliz R. Crespo – Global Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, Reed Smith