This blog post was written by Ava Schwemler, Communications and Digital Engagement Coordinator at Philly Counts

With the help of our dedicated community partners and volunteers, Philly Counts has distributed over 200,000 informational 2020 Census door hangers to households all across the city, specifically, in the areas with the lowest response rates. The colorful door hangers provide households with crucial information about the census and how to complete it, and reminds them that it’s safe, simple, and super important to complete! 

The 2020 Census has just nine questions, and takes about 10 minutes to complete. If every person in Philly is counted, we can ensure that our city will get its fair share of political representation and federal funding for the next ten years. Philadelphia’s most vulnerable populations have experienced the hardships of the social and economic challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, we NEED every person to get counted this year.

Jerry Coleman, a substitute teacher, community activist & organizer, and Crisis Intervention Specialist who recently moved to Philadelphia, has been helping Philly Counts distribute door hangers in low-response areas. 

Canvassing and raising awareness about Census 2020 is essential for all of us to do not only to ensure our local communities get appropriate funding but also to align representation in our government,” said Jerry. He emphasized: “[by completing the census] In 10 minutes, you can help Philly get an additional $21,000 that will be distributed over the next ten years for essential public services like healthcare, housing, schools and so much more!” Thank you, Jerry, for helping us spread this important information across our city! 

Philly Counts volunteer showing doorhangers


Are you looking to do something to help Philly? Like Jerry, you can help ensure that every Philadelphian feels empowered to get counted in the 2020 Census. No knocking necessary, just leave behind a door hanger at each household on a canvassing route.