PHILADELPHIA – Mayor Kenney today approved a recommendation from the Law Department and Office of Administrative Review (OAR) for the City to waive all protest-related Code Violation Notices (CVNs) issued from May 30 through June 30, 2020. This includes all CVNs for all forms of disorderly conduct and related offenses, including failure to disperse and other offenses listed in Section 10-615 of the Code, and all types of curfew violations.

“My decision to waive these violations is not a statement on the validity of the individual citations,” said the Mayor. “Rather, it is a recognition of the core concerns that caused thousands to demonstrate on the streets of Philadelphia. In waiving these notices, I recognize that those issues are vitally important, that the pain of those marching is very real, and that their message — Black lives matter — needs to be heard every day until systemic racism is fully eradicated from this city and nation.”

“As City officials and employees focus on reform and reconciliation, the City must use its administrative resources consistent with those efforts,” said City Solicitor Marcel S. Pratt. “We believe that moving forward with these CVNs would have served no useful purpose, and we are glad that the Mayor approved our recommendation that they be waived.”

The referenced CVNs are civil matters and do not include criminal matters that are within the purview of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

Any individual who received a CVN for the violations listed above from May 30 through June 30 and has not paid does not need to take any additional action. Any person who has paid their CVN can contact OAR customer service at 215-567-2605 and follow the procedures for a refund.