ZBA Announces Resumption of Hearings: Zoning Board to Hear Cases Starting July 14 and 15

PHILADELPHIA – The Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) announced today it will resume hearing cases on July 14 and 15. ZBA will hold the hearings online. Following these meetings, ZBA will hold meetings online twice a week through July to hear rescheduled cases. Staff will continue to work remotely to schedule cases and process new applications.

ZBA began postponing hearings in March when the City shut down due to COVID-19. Since then it has postponed approximately 520 cases.

The July 14 and 15 hearings are those that were first postponed and that are ready to be heard. Each has completed all notification and public meeting processes. ZBA will continue the hearings previously scheduled on July 15 to a future date.

“ZBA was an especially complicated meeting to move online,” said Anne Fadullon, Director of Planning and Development with the City of Philadelphia. “Its process includes legal requirements affecting participant standing that other boards and commissions do not have. As with all our meetings we want to ensure equitable opportunity for participation. I want to thank Chair DiCicco, the board members and especially the ZBA staff for their tireless work to get these meetings up and running.”

ZBA will hold the hearings on Zoom, which are accessible on a computer, tablet, smart phone, or telephone. ZBA will publish a link to the meeting and a meeting phone number on its website five days before the meeting. Members of the public can use that link or phone number to participate in the meeting.

ZBA expects applicants, attorneys, and witnesses to appear on camera. ZBA encourages members of the public to appear on camera but they may participate by phone.

Zoom will prompt attendees to fill out a Notice of Appearance form as they enter the meeting. Staff will instruct those attending by phone how to fill out a Notice over the phone. The Notice of Appearance form preserves the right to participate in the case in the future.

Moving forward, ZBA will prioritize cases that do not require public notification, that have met their Registered Community Organization (RCO) notification and meeting requirements, and/or that have paid for an expedited appeal. The Board encourages applicants with rescheduled hearings to mail a hearing notice to those that were previously noticed, including the RCOs and City Council office.

Staff will email notifications for rescheduled hearings to coordinating RCOs and affected RCOs.

In June, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission resumed issuing RCO notifications. Those notifications inform the coordinating RCO that it has 45 days to host a community meeting to review an appeal before ZBA (or a development before the Civic Design Review Committee).

The Planning Commission encourages applicants to work with RCOs to support hosting virtual or remote meetings. It also encourages applicants to make plans and renderings available to the public before the RCO meeting.

Planning Commission staff and staff at district Council offices have been working with RCOs to plan for virtual and remote meetings.

Anyone with questions can email RCOZBA@phila.gov or leave a voicemail at (215) 686-2429.

ZBA Hearings Scheduled for Tuesday, July 14, 2020

10:00 AM Hearings

Meeting Item No. Appeal No. Address
MI-2020-000010 38727 1520 N HANCOCK ST, Philadelphia, PA 19122-3813
MI-2020-000012 37545 7158 TORRESDALE AVE, Philadelphia, PA 19135-1328
MI-2020-000014 39232 1027 N FRONT ST, Philadelphia, PA 19123-1704
MI-2020-000015 39231 106 SPARKS ST, Philadelphia, PA 19120-1927
MI-2020-000026 38163 2009 ABIGAIL ST, Philadelphia, PA 19125-1550
MI-2020-000031 38149 2300 N BOUVIER ST, Philadelphia, PA 19132-4323
MI-2020-000032 38139 3521 AINSLIE ST # 1, Philadelphia, PA 19129-1629
MI-2020-000184 37948 1328 S 9TH ST, Philadelphia, PA 19147-5743
MI-2020-000593 38447 3114 BYBERRY RD, Philadelphia, PA 19154-1814

2:00 PM Hearings

Meeting Item No. Appeal No. Address
MI-2020-000020 39225 1869 SOLLY AVE, Philadelphia, PA 19152-2612
MI-2020-000034 39672 1652 N 6TH ST, Philadelphia, PA 19122-2911
MI-2020-000035 39669 1654 N 06TH ST, Philadelphia, PA 19122-2911
MI-2020-000036 39665 132 SHURS LN, Philadelphia, PA 19127-1715
MI-2020-000050 39600 10 W GRAVERS LN, Philadelphia, PA 19118-3306
MI-2020-000177 39716 1222 N 2ND ST, Philadelphia, PA 19122-4502
MI-2020-000226 39689 1330 W SILVER ST, Philadelphia, PA 19132-2716

 ZBA Hearings Scheduled for Wednesday, July 15, 2020

10:00 AM Hearings

Meeting Item No. Appeal No. Address
MI-2020-000016 39229 310 MOORE ST, Philadelphia, PA 19148-1855
MI-2020-000018 39227 4828 GREENWAY AVE, Philadelphia, PA 19143-4447
MI-2020-000049 39643 53 N 52ND ST, Philadelphia, PA 19139-2644
MI-2020-000065 39280 2031 WASHINGTON AVE, Philadelphia, PA 19146-2632
MI-2020-000070 39273 1615 S BROAD ST, Philadelphia, PA 19148-1003

2:00 PM Hearings

Meeting Item No. Appeal No. Address
MI-2020-000004 39715 2942 BELGRADE ST, Philadelphia, PA 19134-4956
MI-2020-000023 39207 7600 STATE RD, Philadelphia, PA 19136-3404
MI-2020-000037 39648 3114 FRANKFORD AVE, Philadelphia, PA 19134-3821
MI-2020-000038 39647 409 W HEWSON ST, Philadelphia, PA 19122-2200
MI-2020-000039 39646 1215 S 23RD ST, Philadelphia, PA 19146-4247
MI-2020-000052 39667 414 S 20TH ST, Philadelphia, PA 19146-1352
MI-2020-000053 39666 2846 BELGRADE ST, Philadelphia, PA 19134-4715
MI-2020-000054 39272 1438 S 2ND ST, Philadelphia, PA 19147-6125
MI-2020-000058 39268 3021 AMBER ST, Philadelphia, PA 19134-3745
MI-2020-000523 39827 34 W COULTER ST, Philadelphia, PA 19144-2802

3:30 PM Hearings

Meeting Item No. Appeal No. Address
MI-2020-000055 39271 1526 MANTON ST, Philadelphia, PA 19146-3129
MI-2020-000056 39270 1029 REED ST, Philadelphia, PA 19147-5634
MI-2020-000057 39269 2236 N HANCOCK ST, Philadelphia, PA 19133-3719
MI-2020-000067 39276 3959 LANCASTER AVE, Philadelphia, PA 19104-4636