Recent disruptions to local government operations mean the Philadelphia Department of Revenue may not process your payment as quickly. We’re asking taxpayers to wait before contacting us about a check, or other payments due in May.

You may even receive a “breach” notice, which our system generates and mails automatically. If you get a notice for a payment you know you’ve made, don’t worry. Right now, the City is:

  • Putting NO accounts into default or delinquent status, and
  • Taking NO enforcement actions.

However, if you receive a notice for a payment you’ve missed, please take action now. Online payments on are always your fastest and most secure option.

Getting back on track

Revenue has been working hard to restart our services in the wake of the Covid-19 stay-at-home orders.

We’ve made much progress, bringing more staff back to work, on-site and remotely. But demonstrations last week –many of which flared up near City Hall– forced us to shut down again.

Workers returned to the office this week. We are currently processing payments received by mail at the end of May, and working to catch up as fast as possible.

We apologize for the delays, but look forward to expanding Revenue’s services in the days and weeks ahead. If you have an urgent question about a payment, please email

Photo: Regan Vercruysse, Flickr