In these trying times, we know how difficult it can be to stay away from friends and loved ones. We look for the support and love that they can provide, but the Health Department recommends that everyone stay home and stay apart to help protect each other.

Sometimes it can be difficult to remind people–nicely–that they shouldn’t visit you, and no, you can’t come over even for a little bit. Even if they promise to stand way over there and wash their hands. So we’ve developed the following letter to help ease that conversation. Feel free to print this page, fill it out and give it to your friends and loved ones to help avoid uncomfortable situations.


To whom it may concern:

Please excuse ____________________ as they decline to receive your visit at this time. They are following the guidance of the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, who has asked that everyone stay home and away from other people during the coronavirus pandemic.

We understand that this is difficult, as you miss ____________________, but it’s not personal. They miss you, too. It’s important to remember that the better we follow the rules now, the quicker we all can be reunited. We made ____________________ promise to let you know as soon as it’s safe for you to stop by.

Should anyone ask to come visit you, this letter also excuses you from accepting visitors. Feel free to share this letter with them!

It is important that we all work together to help flatten the curve and keep everyone safe! Thank you for your staying home and staying apart during this time.

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health