The Department of Revenue has published a new webpage in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus emergency. The new webpage includes guidelines about tax filing and payment procedures affected by the epidemic. So far, it includes information about:

  • Property taxes
  • Business Income & Receipts Tax (BIRT) and Net Profits Tax (NPT)
  • Wage Tax for non-residents
  • Use & Occupancy (U&O) Tax
  • School Income Tax (SIT)

The new webpage will be updated regularly with new policies and guidance as these become available.

We recognize that the measures taken by the City and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to protect the public’s wellbeing also place burdens on residents, workers and businesses.

While the Department of Revenue’s operations have also been limited, we remain committed to sharing the most important and up-to-date information with the public.

The Department continues to process electronic returns and payments received electronically or in the mail. We also encourage anyone who can file and pay on-time to do so. This helps fund critical city services.

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Photo credit: WOCinTech Chat / Flickr