Healthcare providers are experiencing serious shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that put them in danger, both of becoming sick themselves and transmitting the COVID-19 coronavirus infection to patients and family members.

The city is in urgent need of surgical masks, N95 masks, and isolation gowns to help stop transmission of this disease.

We are asking everyone who may be able to donate these critical items to please contact us by filling out a form on our site

Download and share a poster that describes the items needed.


What We Need

N95 Respirators/Face Masks 

  • Disposable or washable surgical masks, dust masks, or other that cover the mouth and nose. These also should have elastic loops that fit over the ears or tie behind the head.

Disposable and Washable Gowns

  • These ideally would have full coverage of trunk, arms, and upper legs. However, please contact us through the form if you have partial coverage gowns or aprons.

Eye Protection

  • Goggles that fully cover the eyes along with the side of the face as well and face shields that cover the entire face.


  • Disposable gloves in multiple sizes. Non-latex options needed.


  • Synthetic tip with plastic shaft and ideally breakable. Can be those used for medical testing or for other purposes.

All items should be in the manufacture’s original packaging and unopened. We cannot accept open product or homemade items.

Download and share a poster that describes the items needed.

The City of Philadelphia is grateful for your consideration.


Donate personal protective equipment and testing supplies to the City's Office of Emergency Management.
Learn more about our partners at the Philadelphia Medical Reserve Corps.