The secret to getting free trees in Philly is the Community Yard Tree Giveaway. Parks & Rec’s TreePhilly program hosts these annual events. Thousands of free yard trees are given away each spring and fall. So how do you make this happen in your neighborhood? It’s simple! Become a community partner and host a giveaway!

What is a community partner?

A community partner must be a not-for-profit group. Eligible groups include, but are not limited to:
  • Faith-based institutions
  • CDCs (community development corporations)
  • Civic associations
  • Park friends groups
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Tree Tenders groups
  • A coalition of several groups.
Community groups without non-profit (501 c-3) status may apply with a certified non-profit as a fiscal sponsor. 
If you want your group to get involved, keep reading. Or, find a local group and talk to them about becoming a community partner.

What does the community partner do?

Community partners host an event to give away trees to neighbors, friends, and families. They advertise the event and register community members to help them get trees. They can give out 25 to 100 trees in fall or spring. 

How do we help?

TreePhilly provides FREE trees, event support, mulch, and education. You do not need to be knowledgeable about trees to apply!
This season, TreePhilly is offering 20 grants to community groups to host yard tree giveaways between March 23 and May 6, 2020. These grants range from $200 to $500. The grant is awarded after the giveaway event, once all the paperwork is turned in.

So, are these trees really free?

Yes, the trees are free! BUT, residents who receive the tree:
  • Should plant trees in the ground on private property in the City of Philadelphia.
  • Cannot plant the trees in the sidewalk or a container. The trees will die under these conditions.
  • Must commit to watering, mulching, and caring for their trees.
The Community Yard Tree Giveaway application outlines the community group and event requirements and other important information.