The top three reasons you should apply now for a great-paying summer job!

There might be a chill in the air, but sunnier, warmer days are ahead. Philadelphia Parks & Recreation will hire dozens of lifeguards this summer. With great work hours and a starting pay of $14.75 an hour, this isn’t your average part-time job.

Lifeguard screenings and certification courses are underway. We’d love to have you become part of our lifeguard team. Here are a few reasons why you should consider applying today:

1. Learn valuable career skills

A lifeguard develops and sharpens valuable leadership skills like:

  • Public speaking: lifeguards address large crowds of swimmers on a daily basis. They communicate swimming guidelines and address safety concerns as they arise.
  • Discipline: a lifeguard job is all about discipline. Lifeguards must stay in good shape to maintain their stamina. They learn swimming techniques needed to save lives. Most importantly, they must stay focused while watching swimmers without getting distracted.
  • Teamwork: Depending on the size of the pool, a team of three to five lifeguards works at each site. This team develops a bond as they work to keep the public safe.

2. Give back through public service

Philly’s public pools are an oasis for all Philadelphians. Our pools:

  • provide the public with a place to cool off during the summer months
  • offer opportunities for young people to learn how to swim
  • allow adults to get fit through Aqua Zumba classes and find their zen through poolside yoga.
Lifeguards make all this possible. They patrol our pools daily to help the public stay safe during all activities.

Work as a lifeguard can serve as a stepping stone to a public service career. Many senior-level Parks & Recreation employees started with the department as a lifeguard.

3. Become an important member of a Philadelphia neighborhood

Working at one of our public pools connects you to a neighborhood in a deep and meaningful way. Make new friends. Enjoy new restaurants and cultural institutions after work. And interact with passionate community members. The distinct flavor of each neighborhood promises a unique experience.

Learn about lifeguard screenings, courses, and job placement.