Community building is what IMPACT Services does best. For over 40 years, IMPACT has offered ways for Kensington and Harrowgate residents improve their lives and neighborhoods.  IMPACT has deep roots in the community,  

It is no surprise that IMPACT is leading the $1.8 million Rebuild renovation of the Heitzman Recreation Center. Getting the community invested in the renovations is their first step. IMPACT is finding new ways to include young people and families in the plan and design for a new Heitzman. 

“We have been working in this community since 1974, helping residents access the resources their families need and realize their aspirations. Our approach to development is to make sure the community has a voice in the changes that come to their neighborhood ,” said Patricia Codina, Community Development Director at Impact Services. “Being part of the Rebuild effort to improve facilities at Heitzman is an exciting opportunity for IMPACT to engage with Harrowgate residents, and a great thing for this community.”

The IMPACT team has met with the Heitzman summer campers, hosted a teen photo-documentary program, and held a series of community events. IMPACTS works closely with recreation leader Jackie Duaime and the Harrowgate Civic Association. So far, IMPACT has engaged over 550 residents! These residents are all shaping the vision a new Heitzman rec center.

Working with diverse local businesses like Rodriguez Consulting and Olaya Studiosis central to IMPACT’s approach. “We selected partners who share our goal of truly working with the community, listening and learning from them,” said Codina. “Making sure diverse Philadelphia businesses have the opportunity to benefit from the investments being made in our neighborhoods is critical. The more diverse local businesses that join our team, the more job opportunities are created for the residents we serve. The vision is clear: improve neighborhoods by creating opportunities for work and play.” 

IMPACT will hold two more community meetings and conduct 5 more engagement events at Heitzman. Next, they will present draft design plans back to residents. Then, residents, designers, and Rebuild will agree on a plan for the site’s improvements. Construction at Heitzman is expected to begin next year.