Philly Counts 2020 to Train 1,000 people as Census Champions 
On September 17, Constitution Day, Philly Counts 2020 will launch its Census Champion program with the goal of training 1,000 people to effectively answer questions about the 2020 Census

PHILADELPHIA – As a part of the City’s efforts to ensure a complete and accurate count in the next census, Philly Counts 2020 is launching the Census Champion training program. This initiative aims to prepare participants with the tools and information needed to accurately talk about the census in their community, dispel myths, and promote participation among neighbors, friends, and family.

“The City of Philadelphia is committed to helping every member of our community understand why the census is so critical for all of us,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “Census data is not only used to determine our Congressional representation, but also to ensure that Philadelphia gets its fair share of federal funding. The consequences of an incomplete count would affect the city for the next decade. That is why we established Philly Counts 2020 and the Complete Count Committee. From now until December 2019, we are building capacity and planning our work, with a focus on coordinating outreach and educating the public about the census through a neighbor-to-neighbor approach. The Census Champions program is an integral part of our efforts.”

A Census Champion is a trusted messenger, trained to deliver the right information about the census at the right time. The Census Champion training will last 90 minutes, covering topics such as Census 101: basic information that every person needs to know, misinformation, data security, barriers, and motivators.

“People tend to trust members of their community more than the government or other official sources. Census Champions will be our voices in their community, having the great responsibility to educate people in their circles,” said Stephanie Reid, Executive Director of Philly Counts 2020. “The invitation is open to all community members, teachers, block captains, religious leaders, youth, and elected officials. I encourage all Philadelphians to participate. Philly Counts is working with an intentional variety of organizations to host training sessions in as many neighborhoods as possible. We want to make this accessible for everyone.”

Sessions on September 17 will be available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Korean. Members of the public can choose the session that works best for them based on location, time and language using the list of events available on

Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Community College of Philadelphia, Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians, Ceiba, PHL Diversity (PHLCVB), Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, Congreso, and Southwest CDC are among the locations where the training will take place. A map displaying all training locations can be found here.

After September 17, opportunities for Census Champion training will continue. Organizations and people interested in hosting or participating in a working session can request it by completing the form on Philly Counts’ website.

About Philly Counts 2020
Philly Counts 2020 is the City’s effort to support the next United States Census. By working closely with community members and partners, this program aims to: increase understanding about the importance of the census, educate the public on how to participate, ensure responses from the public for a fair and accurate count, and support filling census jobs. More information is available at