The basketball courts at Shuler Playground have been busy once again this summer. The occasion is the Mid-Range Morris Basketball League (MMBL) Championship series. Each week for eight weeks, a large audience has cheered on the friendly competition.

For the past seven summers, MMBL has provided recreational basketball opportunities at Shuler. 120 men and 80 women ages 18-35, and about 300 youth age 18 and under, take part in the league. The summer games feature the top four teams from last year’s final four competition.

MMBL is a non-profit organization founded by Dawud Morris. Morris is Head Men’s Basketball Coach at Cheyney University. He believes that sports are a positive outlet for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or background. The league seeks to combat violence and crime in the Allegheny West neighborhood where Morris grew up.

Women playing basketball.

Since 2012, the league has:

  • promoted peace through basketball.
  • worked to create positive change in the lives of players and spectators alike.
  • fostered a healthy relationship between residents and the 39th police district.
  • hosted a “Bridge the Gap Day” game between police officers and the community’s top basketball players.
MMBL is a great example of how basketball can make a positive change in the community!

View game and player pictures from the youth league, men’s league weeks one, two, and three, and women’s league weeks one and two. Photo credit to Parks & Rec employee Krystal Williams, used with permission of the league.

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