UPDATED August 9, 2019 with additional closing details.

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation has 70+ indoor and outdoor pools that it operates each summer season. This year, pools will close on a rolling basis between August 8 and August 23.

The 2019 closing date for each pool is below. Generally, pools will close at the end of the day on the date listed.

Pool closing dates are subject to change, and draining times may vary; please confirm details with your local pool staff.


Thursday, August 8

Friday, August 9

Saturday, August 10

Sunday, August 11

Monday, August 12

Tuesday, August 13

Wednesday, August 14

Thursday, August 15

Friday, August 16

Sunday, August 18

Monday, August 19

Tuesday, August 20

Mander Playground (2140 N. 33rd St., 19121)

Wednesday, August 21

Thursday, August 22

Friday, August 23

View a map of Parks & Rec sprayground locations.