By AeLin Compton, Community Initiatives Specialist, Parks & Rec Stewardship Unit

2019 is shaping into a great year for park stewardship!  Earlier this month, the Park Friends Network joined Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and Fairmount Park Conservancy (FPC) staff for a kick-off meeting at the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center. There, they received important updates and helped celebrate the eleven new Park Friends groups that joined in 2019.

We want to give a big shout out and warm welcome to Parks & Rec’s newest community partners:

  • Friends of Carroll Park
  • Cobbs Creek North Litter Patrol
  • Friends of the East Falls River Landing
  • Friends of Howell Park
  • Friends of June 5th Memorial Park
  • Friends of Lanier Playground
  • Friends of Letterly Green
  • Friends of Price Street Park
  • Friends of the Rail Park
  • Friends of Ralph Brooks
  • Friends of Three Bears Park

Philadelphia’s Park Friends Network now includes 120+ volunteer groups dedicated to caring for parks and gardens across the city. Each Friends group works with Parks & Rec and FPC to create welcoming public spaces and positive experiences with nature in their communities. Friends groups help:

  • organize park clean ups and gardening days
  • host community events, like concerts, movie nights, and kids’ games in the park
  • coordinate public meetings to keep their communities informed and engaged… and much more!

Each Park Friends group boasts a different shape, size, and project list– but they all exist to enrich their local park.

If you have questions on how to start a Friends Group for your park, reach out to

Interested in helping out at your neighborhood park? Join your local Friends group!