Eligible seniors have a final chance to “freeze” their property taxes at 2018 levels. The deadline to apply for the Senior Citizen Real Estate Tax Freeze program is March 15, 2019 –for this year only.

Approved applicants’ current and future Real Estate Tax bills will be based on their 2018 property assessment and tax rate. To apply, download a printable application from our website. Send your completed form and documents to:

Philadelphia Department of Revenue
P.O. BOX 53190
Philadelphia, PA 19105

Property assessments, or the tax rate, can increase in the future. But homeowners in Senior Tax Freeze will pay a fixed bill every year –it never goes up. If your property assessment ever goes down, your bill will go down too. We’ll always give you the best deal.

Who should apply

Not everyone qualifies for Senior Tax Freeze. To start, you or your spouse must be 65 years or older. You can also qualify if you’re at least 50 years old, and the widow or widower of someone who reached the age of 65 before passing away.

The program also has income requirements. Eligible applicant(s) will have a total income of:

  • $27,500 or less for a single person; or
  • $35,500 or less for a married couple.

Eligible seniors living in cooperative buildings may enroll. If you have questions about eligibility or proof of age and income, visit our website. Applications, with instructions, are available in Spanish. If you still need help:

City Council passed an amendment on February 14, 2019 to extend the Senior Tax Freeze deadline, but only for 2018 applications.