On January 22,  Philadelphia’s Office of Sustainability released the latest issue of the Greenworks Review magazine. Greenworks Review highlights progress the City has made towards sustainability as well as the many ways residents are making a difference in their communities. Check out some highlights from inside the magazine! 


A large spiral shape was cut into asphalt to reveal the soil underneath. While adding new soil, youth and adults sit on the ground and add vegetation to the garden spiral.
Members of the William Cramp Community School gather to add vegetation to the school’s new spiral garden and outdoor classroom. Photo Credit: Steve Weinik

1) Education for Sustainability 

This issue of the Greenworks Review focuses heavily on Philadelphia youth as well as community-led projects taking place in and around schools. We highlight some of the ways Philadelphians are emphasizing creativity in order to design hands on learning experiences for youth and adults alike. 







a student poses wearing a costume made up of dozens of plastic bags.
A member of Trash Academy wears the Plastic Bag Monster to raise awareness about the impacts of single-use plastic in Philadelphia neighborhoods. Photo Credit: Steve Weinik

2) Trash Troubles 

Philadelphia has a long history of dealing with trash. In fact, our city may have earned the title of ‘Filthadelphia’ as early as 1919. Given this history and the realities faced in many of our neighborhoods, Philadelphians are passionate about waste and many are actively working to help solve the issue. This year’s Greenworks Review provides resources to help residents manage trash.  It includes stories of how residents and the City are working together to think outside the box. These community-driven projects not only clean up Philadelphia’s image but they also address other social and environmental issues as well.




light, clear ocean blue background with pops of bright red clustered together. Ovule pops of black are painted on top of the red.
Close up of “Red Coral” painting by featured artist, Patti Dougherty. Photo courtesy of the artist.

3) Sustainable Art Gallery

There are many forms of self expression and problem solving. To be more inclusive to different communication styles we decided to open this year’s Greenworks Review to local artists of all ages. The contributions of these artists, from their artworks to their artistic practices, help us tell the story of where Philly is currently and where it is going in the future. If you would like to share your artwork with us, contact us at Sustainability@phila.gov!







Greenworks Review is available online and in print. If you would like to request copies to share with your school, community group, neighbors, or organization, please email us at Sustainability@phila.gov.