West Fairmount Park is bursting with beautiful evergreen foliage this time of year! From Shofuso Japanese House and Garden to the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center, you can find seasonal sights wherever you turn.

Keep an eye out for these notable plantings during your next visit:

  • American Holly (Ilex opaca): These holiday favorites can be found around Shofuso Japanese House and Garden.
    A close up of American Holly berries
  • Himalayan Pine (Pinus wallichiana): This unique tree is known for its peculiar pine cones (pictured below). They can be found at the end of the bike path leading toward Belmont from Horticulture Drive.
    A Himalayan pine cone
  • False Cypress (Chamaecyparis species): These pyramid-shaped plants may look like a traditional cypress, but don’t be fooled. Their cones are smaller and have fewer seeds. You can find them in the northwest corner of the Horticulture Center grounds.
    False Cypress trees and the Horticulture Center greenhouses
  • Weeping Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis ‘pendula’): Although their branches may weep, there is nothing sad about these beauties! You can also find them along the northwest corner of the Horticulture Center grounds.
    A Weeping Hemlock tree
  • Blue Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica ‘glauca’): This odd evergreen stands out because of its distinctive bluish-green needles. Check it out right off of Horticultural Drive between Shofuso and the Horticulture Center.
    A Blue Atlas Cedar tree
Try your hand at some tree ID with this handy website from the Arbor Day Foundation.