Mayor Kenney issued the following statement on the concerns being raised about a skit at this year’s Mummers parade:

“It’s important to respect the concerns being raised about a skit in this year’s Mummers parade. I understand why the skit was offensive to people – regardless of who the performer was – and has raised much larger issues for Philadelphians, especially African-Americans. There has been a long history of racist themes in the parade, and while it has come a long way, it’s obvious that the Mummers still have much more work to do to ensure this is a parade that every Philadelphian can enjoy.

“Since the beginning of my Administration, we have taken unprecedented efforts to work with parade organizers to prevent racist and offensive elements from appearing in the Mummers Parade and to hold the organization accountable. My Administration will expand our work with the Mummers and members of communities across Philadelphia to ensure diverse viewpoints are represented and respected. But I also urge the Mummers organization to commit more resources toward comprehensive anti-racism and anti-bias trainings for its members.

“We’ll only truly be a united city when we all understand and respect each other’s experiences and perspectives. That’s something I strive to do every day as mayor.”