The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Innovation & Technology is revamping the way we develop software, and we need your help to spearhead it.

We’re building a reimagined engineering team that will:

  • Use agile principles to ensure our software delivers value to its users.
  • Employ devops tools and processes to improve software quality and enable us to increase the frequency of releases.
  • Create a deep bench of expertise to better support applications and systems that are important to the daily operations of city government.
  • Collaborate with ODDT researchers, content strategists, and designers to develop software that considers the people the technology supports.

As the central technology office in the 5th largest city in the nation, our portfolio includes critical applications that enable residents to pay taxes and fees online, look up a loved one in jail or prison, find after-school activities in their neighborhood, and more. Most new applications have been built on modern technology stacks and hosted in the cloud, but many older applications are running on legacy frameworks and on-premise servers.

By building out our engineering bench and reorienting it around agile, devops, and user needs, we aim to modernize this portfolio and make it easier for the public to interact with government online.

The foundation of this realignment is our current team of software engineers with expertise in key areas of our portfolio and a strong commitment to building great software. To lead this new effort, we’re hiring a Director of Software Engineering and two Senior Software Engineers.

Here’s why this is an exciting opportunity:

  • The applications you work on will be used by your neighbors: the residents, businesses, and visitors of Philadelphia.
  • The use of agile methods and devops practices is still very new in our organization, and you’ll get to blaze the trail.
  • The department is big enough that you can have a huge impact with your work, but small enough that you’ll have a prominent role in the organization.
  • You’ll join the largest github organization among cities, and build software in the open on modern technology stacks.
  • Your challenge includes interacting with and reverse engineering technology from every decade: from mainframes to SOAP web services, from 3rd-party SaaS products to city-run cloud-hosted container clusters.

Be a key part of revamping how your city builds software to deliver services to the public. Apply now!