If you still owe 2018 Real Estate Taxes, you may soon face a lien on your property and extra charges. Pay your past due Real Estate Tax bill by December 31 to avoid:

  • A lien on your property, which will include a $91.45 charge
  • Additional interest (0.75%) and penalty (1%) charges on your bill, every month
  • Collection fees of between 10% and 18%, if we send your bill to a collection agency or a law firm

If added to your property tax bill, these charges and fees will sink you much deeper into debt. Eventually, your property could be sold at Sheriff Sale.

Pay today

Please avoid more charges and fees by paying your 2018 Real Estate Tax today. There are several, convenient ways to settle your bill.

Online at www.phila.gov/pay, or by calling (877) 309-3710

  • eCheck – FREE
  • VISA and MasterCard debit cards – $3.95 fee (Updated Jan 2019)
  • Credit cards – 2.45% of the amount paid

In person, with a check or money order, at one of our three walk-in centers:

  • 1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd. (Center City, only this location accepts cash)
  • 2761 N. 22nd Street (Hope Plaza, North Philadelphia)
  • 7522 Castor Avenue (Northeast Philadelphia)

Get into a payment plan

If you cannot pay your bill, we have programs to assist you. To find out about assistance programs call (215) 686-6442, visit one of the walk-in centers listed above, or email revenue@phila.gov.

Get into a payment plan before January 1, and you may receive a discount on penalties and interest. For agreements on your home, monthly installments are based on your income and keep you on track.

Photo credit: Joe Gratz/Flickr