PHILADELPHIA — The Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability (OTIS) and its partner Intersection announced today that construction will begin this month on LinkPHL kiosks in Center City.

LinkPHL brings free, secure, and super fast Wi-Fi; outgoing phone calls; device charging; access to city and emergency services; wayfinding; local arts and civic information; and other useful features to Philadelphia’s residents and visitors. LinkPHL provides a link to the city’s communities and culture and an investment in Philadelphia’s future by creating modern 21st century infrastructure, at no cost to taxpayers.

OTIS and Intersection also announced continued progress on a multiyear program to install 600 modern bus shelters citywide. The replacement of existing shelters and installation of new shelters with built-in benches and energy-efficient lighting, brings even more modern street furniture to Philadelphia’s curbside. Since installation began in 2015, Intersection has constructed over 200 modern bus shelters, and plans to install 150 more in 2019. As part of CONNECT: Philadelphia’s Strategic Transportation Plan, modern street furniture is a key strategy to help the city reach its goals to transform bus service and invest in great streets.

“A great street is in good repair when pavement, signals, street furniture, and other infrastructure are well maintained,” said Michael Carroll, Deputy Managing Director for the Office of Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability. “Providing safe comfortable places to wait for the bus is part of the goal of making Transit First. Through CONNECT, the city will continue to upgrade and install new bus shelters and other street furniture to transform bus service and create 21st century digital infrastructure for a modern, world-class city.”

“We are thrilled to partner with OTIS to make investments in infrastructure and technology that enhance the transit experience and streetscape for residents and visitors of Philadelphia.” said Jon Roche, VP and General Manager of the Philadelphia Region for Intersection. “These upgrades throughout the city also provide opportunities for brands to reach audiences on their daily journeys, driving more revenue for the city.”

Helping round out new transportation communication efforts across the city, Intersection’s digital upgrades also extend below city streets, with new digital displays that provide real-time transit information and interactive maps in SEPTA’s subway and rail stations.

Both LinkPHL and bus shelter advertising programs are expected to generate millions of dollars in city revenue over the course of its 20-year agreement.

High resolution photos of LinkPHL and the modern bus shelters are available upon request.

About CONNECT Week
CONNECT Week (October 15-19) celebrates the City’s newly launched Strategic Transportation Plan. Over the next seven years (2019-2025), CONNECT will set priorities for implementation and serve as the Administration’s transportation framework. CONNECT’s vision is a transportation system that benefits everyone. It is a system that is safe, affordable, accessible, and reliable at moving Philadelphians, visitors, and commerce so neighborhoods thrive, people are healthy, and the economy grows. To learn more, visit