Reginald Browne, the senior managing director overseeing the exchange traded funds (ETFs) at Cantor Fitzgerald, has been called the “Godfather of ETFs” by Forbes Magazine. He’s also been on the cover of Bloomberg Markets. He’s at the top of the finance industry on Wall Street, and his career started right here in Philadelphia. To celebrate his roots and talk about elevating equity in this city, Reginald, better known as Reggie, will be the keynote speaker to kick off this year’s Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week.

“We talk about equity, it’s really about diversity and the fabric of Philadelphia,” Reggie says. “If you don’t have a tight fabric, you don’t have strong business.”

Reggie understands and embraces the fabric of this city. His grandparents settled in South Philadelphia in the 1930’s, and Reggie himself grew up with his family in Germantown. He went to Lincoln High School, which was when he met a Philadelphia Stock Exchange executive who helped shape his future career through mentorship.

“Fortitude leads to outcomes,” he expresses. “A lot of times when I talk to folks, sharing my personal story leads to a result and folks realize that things are achievable.”

For 34 years, MED Week has celebrated and provided resources to businesses owned by minorities, women, and people with disabilities in Philadelphia. Echoing Reggie’s beliefs in sharing resources and learning from others, MED Week offers more than 30 events to help businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs grow.  

Sharing stories around how someone arrived at their position is pretty important,” Reggie says. “To share that the road isn’t straight, there are lot of curves along the way.”

Every career path comes with struggles, but Reggie want all professionals to recognize that mistakes happen, and they are just part of a longer path to success.

Don’t be closed minded around guaranteed outcomes,” he adds. “Taking a risk leads to the best rewards.”

Hear more about Reggie’s path to success at the MED Week kick-off event on Monday, October 1.

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