This year’s theme for Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week is directly connected to the work of the City’s Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO). “Elevate Equity” was selected to reflect OEO’s focus on economic equity for businesses owned by people of color, women, and people with disabilities.

Equity is often defined as being fair or impartial, but it is not always easy to pinpoint what is “fair.” A better way to look at equity is as the focused and intentional correction of imbalance. In a city where more than a quarter of its residents live in poverty, prioritizing activities that ensure economic opportunity is equally accessible to all groups is critical.

Over 30 local agencies have partnered with OEO to offer a week of programming designed to connect diverse vendors to the skills, network, and opportunity they need to grow and thrive.    

There are several ways you can “Elevate Equity” during MED Week, including:

  1. Attend the Open for Business kick-off event
    On October 1, several City departments will come together to share open vendor opportunities and discuss improvements being made to the procurement process.
  2. Take part in a workshop
    Throughout MED Week, organizations across the city will hold workshops focused on topics of interests for minority firms, including certification, capacity building, marketing, and more.
  3. Network with other M/W/DSBE firms
    In business, your network is a vital resource. Get to know other firms in the region and start building relationships that can be beneficial to your business.  

When economic equity abounds, everyone has access to the same opportunity and the same wealth. Not only will MED Week celebrate the value of M/W/DSBE firms in the region, it will also highlight the work of OEO staff, City employees, and the network of stakeholders who help M/W/DSBE firms access an estimated $10 billion in contracts across the region.

Join the Office of Economic Opportunity and its partners to celebrate the 34th Annual MED Week, October 1-5.