The Owner-Occupied Real Estate Tax Payment Agreement (OOPA) isn’t new. But recent changes to this program mean more Philadelphian who own and live in their homes can avoid foreclosure action.

The program works the same as before. It helps homeowners with past due Real Estate Taxes get back on track. With an OOPA, you’ll pay affordable monthly installments. Stay current on your OOPA and the City won’t take your property to Sherriff Sale.

What’s different? For those who qualify, the minimum monthly OOPA payment is now $0.

OOPA participants are grouped into different “Tiers” based on income and family size. Tier 5 participants, and some in Tier 4, now qualify for zero-dollar minimum monthly payments.

Be aware that getting into Tier 5 doesn’t erase your Real Estate Tax debt. But you can stay in your home as long as you stay in the program.

Another update is the option of including current-year taxes into an existing OOPA.

You can find out about the new OOPA, Tiers, applications, and more, by:

OOPA is one of several property tax relief programs. Virtually every homeowner in Philadelphia qualifies for some kind of help.

Photo credit: Ellie LoNardo/Flickr