The Boxers’ Trail 5K Walk/Run is going virtual in 2020. Read more about it.

Nestled above the busy Schuylkill River Trail and Kelly Drive in East Fairmount Park sits a quiet, wooded trail. Known as the Boxers’ Trail, the route has a legendary history. In the late 1800s, people rode horses along these paths. In the 20th century, the trail became a favorite of boxing champions who trained there. The trail is named in honor of these boxers who included “Smokin’ Joe” Frazier. Young boxers still use the trail as a training ground today.

The 3.8-mile trail starts at Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course and winds along a wooded hilltop. You can catch glimpses of the Schuylkill River between the trees. Some sections of the trail are covered with crushed stone. Other parts are paved with asphalt.

The trail underwent a complete restoration in the early 2000s. Before the restoration, the Boxers’ Trail was a narrow, unpaved, underutilized path. The Fairmount Park Commission (now Parks & Rec) and Fairmount Park Conservancy partnered to improve the trail. This was the first time the two organizations worked together on a construction project.

The improved trail connects the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood to East Fairmount Park. This allows residents to access the park’s many historic, cultural, and athletic resources. The trail also provides a critical outlet for recreation and exercise.


Some of the sites connected by the trail include:

Boxers’ Trail 5k Walk/Run

One great way to get to know and enjoy the Boxers’ Trail is to take part in the annual Boxers’ Trail 5k Walk/Run. Participants run or walk along the scenic cliff paths. The event ends with a celebration at Mander Playground.

As they follow the footsteps of Joe Fraizer the walkers and runners are also helping local youth. Proceeds from the Boxers’ Trail 5k benefit East Fairmount Park and Mander Playground.


To enjoy the Boxers’ Trail on your own, follow the route below!

The paved part of the trail begins on Reservoir Drive just west of North 33rd Street. Look for the trailhead after you pass the 33rd Street golf driving range.

  1. Begin near the parking lot at the Sedgley Woods Disc Golf course.
  2. Follow signage past the Smith Memorial Playground and turn left down the paved path.
  3. Turn left at Fountain Green Drive and head down the hill. The unpaved, crushed stone part starts on the right and heads up a steep hill.
  4. Follow the crushed stone part about 1.5 miles until it meets Randolph Drive and becomes a paved path again.
  5. Continue on the paved path around the Edgley Ballfields past Laurel Hill Mansion.
  6. Cross Reservoir Drive to continue on the trail alongside Dauphin Drive.
  7. Follow the signs around Woodford to the trail’s end at Strawberry Mansion
Congratulations! You’ve completed a walk or run that is 3.8 miles in length.


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