Once again, butterflies have landed at Sister Cities Park (18th Street & Benjamin Franklin Parkway). Throughout March and April, participants in Philadelphia Parks & Recreation programs across the city decorated sixteen large butterfly frames, which are now installed in the park.

Part of Parks & Rec’s environmental education program, the butterfly project combines research, creativity, and teamwork. The result is a collective installation of artwork along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

This year, ID tags on the butterflies include:

  • the name of the facility where each in particular butterfly was created
  • a picture of the species each site was assigned to research and replicate
  • basic facts about each species.

PPR staff also created a scavenger hunt for visitors to the park to make exploring the butterflies an even more informative and educational experience.

The butterflies will be displayed until the end of June, allowing park visitors the opportunity to see the spectacular projects that are done at Philadelphia Parks & Recreation facilities across the city.

Participating Parks & Rec Site, Assigned Butterfly or Moth

  1. Cohocksink Recreation Center (2901 Cedar St., 19134), Monarch Butterfly
  2. DiSilvestro Playground (1701 N. 15th Street, 19145), Garden Tiger Moth
  3. Dorothy Emanuel Recreation Center (8500 Pickering Ave, 19150), Blue Morpho Butterfly
  4. East Passyunk Community Center (1025 Mifflin St., 19148), Giant Atlas Moth
  5. Francis J. Myers Recreation Center (5801 Kingsessing Ave, 19143), Luna Moth
  6. James Finnegan Recreation Center (6801 Grovers Ave, 19142), Common Windmill Butterfly
  7. Fox Chase Recreation Center (7901 Ridgeway St., 19111), Cabbage Butterfly
  8. John Anderson Cultural Center (5301 Overbrook Ave, 19131), Peacock Butterfly
  9. McVeigh Recreation Center (400 E. Ontario Street, 19134), Paper Kite Butterfly
  10. Mt. Airy Playground (7001 Germantown Ave, 19119), Doris Long Wing Butterfly
  11. Olney Recreation Center (6001 A Street, 19120), Starry Night Butterfly
  12. Rivera Recreation Center (3201 N. 5th Street, 19140), Glass Wing Butterfly
  13. Roosevelt Playground (6455 Walker St., 19135), Owl Butterfly
  14. Starr Garden Playground (600 Lombard Street, 19147), Rosy Maple Moth
  15. Tarken Recreation Center (6250 Frontenac Street, 19111), Cecropia Moth
  16. Vare Recreation Center (2600 Morris St., 19145), Mylitta Crescent Butterfly
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