In January, the City launched the ‘Philly Reading Coaches’ program as part of the Citywide OST Initiative. The program pairs trained volunteers (Reading Coaches) with students in kindergarten through 3rd grade to help them become better, more confident readers.

The Reading Coaches spend a minimum of one hour a week to provide child-guided reading experiences that help build reading enjoyment and confidence. Each child in the program also receives 25 free books to take home.

Books in bins as part of Philly Reading Coaches.On April 11, Mayor Kenney visited one of the program sites, Andrew Hamilton Elementary School.

Mayor Kenney shakes the hand of a student in the Philly Reading Coaches program.

A Philly Reading Coaches volunteer reads to a student.

A Philly Reading Coaches volunteer helps student read.

Mayor Kenney talks to a student at the Philly Reading Coaches program.

So far, the program has paired more than 100 volunteers with students, and in fall 2018, the program will be expanding to 18 sites!  

The Philly Reading Coaches program looking for caring and committed volunteers to join their team. Submit your interest today!