Real Estate Taxes were due on March 31. You already owe additional money for not paying on time. The City will soon refer your case to a collection agency, and eventually, put a lien on your property. Even worse, if you ignore your debt, you could lose your property to a Sheriff Sale.

Real Estate Taxes fund the School District of Philadelphia. They also pay for important City services, like police and fire protection, parks, recreation centers, trash removal, and more.

Many people pay their Real Estate Tax through their monthly mortgage payments. This may be your case. If you’re not sure, check with your lender or tax professional.

If you did miss the Real Estate Tax deadline, you need to take immediate action. Your best option is to pay in full using our ePay portal. You will receive immediate payment confirmation, and if you use eCheck, it’s free!

It’s always best to pay in full. But if you can’t pay the total amount of your property taxes at one time, ask us about getting into a payment agreement.

  • A Standard Payment Agreement allows property owners, including those who don’t live in the property, to arrange a payment agreement with the City. Participants must make a down payment, but are not required to disclose their income.
  • An Owner-Occupied Payment Agreement (OOPA) allows owners with delinquent Real Estate tax bills who live in their home to make affordable monthly payments. There is no down payment required. Applicants are required to disclose income and household information.

There may be other options to reduce your Real Estate Tax burden. For more information, visit our Real Estate Tax relief webpage, or call (215) 686-6442.

Photo credit: Philadelphia Parks & Recreation