The Philadelphia Beverage Tax (PBT) continues to generate new funds for PHLpreK, Community Schools, and the Rebuild program rehabbing neighborhood parks, libraries, recreation centers, and playgrounds.

As the very first tax of its kind in the nation, the PBT has generated almost $79 million in its first 12 months. That money has given over 2,700 three- and four- year old children the opportunity to access free, quality pre-K. At the same time, it has served over 6,000 students and their families through 11 Community Schools.

Philadelphia is committed to investing money raised through PBT to benefit our city’s children and youth. Due to a lawsuit filed by the soda industry, a part of the money is being saved until the lawsuit has ended.

When the lawsuit is resolved in the City’s favor, the City will:

  • Expand the number of PHLpreK seats, funding 3,000 seats starting in September 2019 and increasing to 5,500 seats by 2022;
  • Expand the number of Community Schools each year, increasing to 20 Community Schools by 2022; and
  • Start the first of three borrowings for Rebuild projects in 2019 which will fund upgrades to parks, rec centers, and libraries.

In five years, when the programs are fully ramped up, 100% of the tax will go to PHLpre-K, Rebuild and community schools.