PHILADELPHIA – Mayor Kenney today announced his nine appointees to the Philadelphia Board of Education, which will assume governance over the School District of Philadelphia in July 2018. The appointees are:

  • Julia Danzy
  • Leticia Egea-Hinton
  • Mallory Fix Lopez
  • Lee Huang
  • Maria McColgan
  • Chris McGinley
  • Angela McIver
  • Wayne Walker
  • Joyce Wilkerson

The slate of appointees, who have diverse expertise and experience and all share a passion for public education, received praise from several Philadelphia leaders who share the Mayor’s commitment to investing in the future of Philadelphia’s schools:

Darrell L. Clarke, President, Philadelphia City Council: “I want to thank the nine members of the Philadelphia Board of Education for answering the call to public service. It is an honor to be selected by the Mayor, but a far greater responsibility to bear from today forward. A strong resume and years of experience in education, finance, or management cannot prepare you for what is yet to come, as the first locally selected school board since the state takeover of 2001. I wish you good judgment and strength of heart, and look forward to working with you toward our goal of restoring and expanding the promise of public education to lift up every child in Philadelphia.”

Jerry Sweeney, President, CEO and Trustee, Brandywine Realty Trust: “Quality schools are key to thriving neighborhoods that attract and retain families. I commend the Mayor’s selections for the new Board of Education. He has composed a stellar slate of qualified, committed, and diverse individuals who will work hard to ensure that Philadelphia is a city with quality schools in every neighborhood.”

Deborah Gordon Klehr, Executive Director, Education Law Center of Pennsylvania: “Today’s announcement marks an important transition toward a governing board that is responsive to the city of Philadelphia and its most vulnerable students. We look forward to working with the new school board to ensure that the rights of at-risk student populations are protected and that our schools are providing educational quality and equity for all. We are eager to help forge a close relationship between the new board and communities representing underserved student populations.”

Todd Charmichael, CEO and Founder, La Colombe Coffee:  “As the CEO and co-founder of La Colombe Coffee, I know that La Colombe’s success is only possible because of Philadelphia. I also know that for Philadelphia to succeed for every Philadelphian, we need quality public schools. I couldn’t be more excited about the city regaining local control of the school district and Mayor Kenney’s selections for the new Board of Education. I applaud the Mayor’s selection of these nine outstanding individuals and admire and support their dedication to the success of our city by working to improve the educational opportunity for every child in Philadelphia.”

Steven Scott Bradley, Chairman, African American Chamber of Commerce PA-NJ-DE: “Strong education translates into strong businesses. The African American Chamber stands behind Mayor Kenney’s efforts to return the District to local control and we are proud to see business owners represented among the Mayor’s nine appointed school board members released today. We look forward to working with the board and the Mayor to promote our shared vision for the future of Philadelphia schools.”

Patrick J. Eiding, President, Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO: “I am very proud of the work of this nominating committee. I strongly believe that we gave Mayor Kenney the best candidates for this board, and I am confident that the Mayor’s selections will serve Philadelphia students well.”

Patrick Eiding served on the Educational Nominating Panel, which recommended 45 nominees for the Board of Education to Mayor Kenney.