It’s tax season, and time to pay your Real Estate Taxes. The City of Philadelphia mailed bills in December, and owners must pay before March 31.

The best way to pay a Real Estate Tax bill is online. It’s secure, convenient, and free when using the Department of Revenue’s eCheck system. It’s also possible to pay online with a credit card, but with fees.

Like savings? You can take off 1% off your bill by paying it before the last day of February.

Watch the video below to learn how to pay your Philadelphia Real Estate Taxes online. Our portal is only compatible with some Internet browsers. We apologize if we don’t support your preferred system at this time.

Many Philadelphians pay their Real Estate Tax through their mortgage company. If that is the case, they don’t receive a bill. Check with your lender if you haven’t received a bill and you’re unsure about your situation.

A missed payment can result in additional costs. It can eventually lead to a lien against your property, and even the sale of your property at a Sheriff Sale.

We encourage Philadelphians to pay their taxes online. But you can always pay at a walk-in center, by mail, or over the phone by calling (877) 309-3710. If you lost your tax bill, you can print your own.

Watch this video to find and print a Real Estate Tax coupon online:

Photo credit: Joseph Bamat