Philadelphia Parks & Recreation recently began restoration work throughout the forested areas surrounding West Fairmount Park’s Horticulture Center. In total, approximately 30 acres of trees and shrubs will be rescued and protected.

These forests are in bad shape, with a canopy that is dominated by non-native trees and overwhelmed by vines, and an understory with too few tree seedlings and overrun by invasive shrubs. These damaged forest communities are expected to continue to deteriorate in the absence of specific management practices designed to reverse this trend.

The forest restoration and protection project is focused on:

  • Removing the overwhelming invasive tree and shrub species.
  • Erecting deer fencing surrounding each project site to eliminate browse damage.
  • Replanting to reestablish a native forest plant community

Parks & Rec felt that it was important to restore these areas as they are next to the Horticulture Center and its historic grounds and should represent a healthy, thriving ecosystem.