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Hot off the press: The Greenworks Review

On February 1st, Mayor Kenney, joined by Sustainability Director Christine Knapp and community leaders presented the Greenworks Review, the City’s annual sustainability report. The Greenworks Review highlights Philadelphia residents and community groups working together to improve their neighborhoods for today and tomorrow. It also includes resources for individuals and communities to help achieve the Greenworks visions.

Cover of the Greenworks Review

“Philadelphia is more committed than ever to being a healthy, clean, and sustainable city for all. I’m incredibly proud of the work that we’ve accomplished and I’m equally impressed with the hard work I’ve seen from communities around the city who are fighting every day to make Philadelphia more resilient to the changing climate,” Kenney stated.

Mayor Kenney described a few of the most notable actions from the City over the past year:

“The Greenworks Review is a resource for Philadelphians to discover the ways that they can live a more sustainable life and make a difference in their neighborhoods,” said Christine Knapp, Director of the City’s Office of Sustainability. The magazine-style document showcases diverse community leaders, green workers, and City leaders through articles and interviews and provides an update on the City’s sustainability initiatives.

One of the groups highlighted in the Greenworks Review, Feed the Barrel, is an example of residents banding together to improve their community. This organization keeps used cooking oil out of sewers and waterways and instead collects it to turn it into biofuels. Feed the Barrel Executive Director Hani White said “We hope our work proves that when we work collaboratively, we can help create healthier, stronger and more sustainable communities”.

“My mama taught me not to complain if you’re not going to be part of the solution. My community group works together, with the help of City resources like CLIP and 311, to keep our area clean and safe” said Wilma Mack, Vice President of the 5500 Thompson Street Town Watch.

The Office of Sustainability will be distributing the Greenworks Review to community groups and in various public areas, including working with the Free Library to have copies in all neighborhood libraries. For a digital or print copy, visit or email

Additionally, the Office of Sustainability also updated Greenworks tools and resources: