The Super Bowl. Ready or not, the biggest football game in Philly is coming up quickly.

Planning snacks for your Super Bowl party is part of the fun, but you don’t have to destroy your New Year’s resolutions to enjoy it. You’ll want something to crunch down on while gripping the couch cushions nervously, and something to celebrate with (of course) at the moment of victory (because we’re not even considering other possibilities). Here’s some ideas to round out your menu for the big game.

Big sacks and crunchy snacksWhite Bean Dip with Toasted Pita

For crunch factor, go for fresh vegetables with a healthy-but-tasty dip. A big platter of carrot sticks, sliced cucumbers and peppers, and even some broccoli florets will vanish before your eyes as your houseful of snackers gazes nervously at the screen. Putting them out with some hummus or white bean dip makes them fun to eat and adds a little protein. Put out lots. You won’t believe how quickly they’ll go.

Can’t watch football without chips? Try using whole wheat pita (or whole wheat tortillas) for these roasted pita chips that you can make at home.

Put out some sliced apples and oranges to add a little variety and sweetness, with a little peanut butter to dip them in for added protein.

Fruit juice and seltzer spritzerSkip the Gatorade shower

For drinks, try plain seltzer mixed with 100% fruit juice with a slice of lemon or lime. Fill the glasses ¾ full with the seltzer and add just a bit of juice along with ice to get the flavor of a fruit drink without all the sugar and calories.

“Actively” rooting for the Birds

And finally, don’t just watch those players work – get some games going in the breaks to get yourself and everyone else off the couch. Who can do the most jumping jacks during each break? Or put on music and dance through the halftime show, anything to get up and have some fun.

And send a few pictures of your gorgeous, healthy foods to the folks in Boston, just to make them jealous. E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!