The City of Philadelphia can lower water bills for seniors and low-income residents. It even helps those experiencing a special hardship. Hardship is decided case-by-case, but examples include losing a job, or suffering an illness that requires a hospital stay.

The Tiered Assistance Program (TAP) has helped thousands of households since roll-out last year. And many more people are still eligible.

Struggling to pay your water bills? Fill out an application online, by mail, or in person at the Municipal Services Building.

Some partner locations can also help you apply.

After reviewing your application, we’ll figure out what water assistance programs you qualify for. We will pick the option that gives you the biggest savings.

But wait! Getting the right documents is the first—and most important—step.

Learn what you need from the list below. Or, get a printable document checklist.

Photo credit: Kamil Kaczor/Flickr