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City of Philadelphia

Investigating Wrongdoing

The OIG is the watchdog for the taxpayers of the city. The OIG has jurisdiction to conduct investigations and audits over all departments, agencies, commissions and boards under the Mayor's jurisdiction, as well as in contracts with individuals or companies receiving City funds and doing business with the City.
The OIG also provides investigative expertise to any agency or authority requesting assistance.

As an operationally independent office, shielded from governmental influence, the OIG conducts both criminal and administrative investigations. We work with the Internal Investigations Unit of the Philadelphia Police Department, federal and state law enforcement agencies, as well as federal, state and local inspectors general when conducting criminal investigations, and serious integrity related complaints of fraud, corruption and abuse. We conduct these investigations either in response to a report from a City employee or other citizen or on the Inspector General's own initiative to detect misconduct, inefficiency and waste within the programs and operations of City government.

The OIG also supervises and works with Integrity Officers (IOs) appointed within each City department under the Mayor's jurisdiction.

The OIG has the power to issue subpoenas, to examine all City documents, contracts, and monetary expenditures made from the City Treasury, and to require testimony of City employees.

The OIG needs your help. If you see corruption, fraud, waste or dishonest practices of any kind, let us hear from you. YOU have the power to change things for the better. The OIG takes nothing more seriously than pursuing those who attempt to retaliate against the individuals who are courageous enough to turn in wrongdoers.

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