One of the greatest pleasures of summer is eating and cooking outdoors with family and friends. The PFD urges all persons utilizing outdoor cooking equipment to follow some simple rules. Click here to get more information on summertime fire safety tips.


In 2004, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania amended the Pennsylvania Fireworks Law to permit the sale and use throughout the commonwealth of one type of consumer fireworks, known as Ground and Handheld Sparkling Devices.

To ensure that only the proper type of fireworks are being sold and to keep track of where they are sold, the Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I) requires fireworks distributors to obtain a permit to sell the sparkling devices and to provide to L&I a list of the locations where the fireworks will be sold.

The sparkling devices are typically sold in retail stores, such as BJ Wholesales, Superfresh, Aldi's, Sam's Club, Big Lots, Target, and Wal-Mart.The sparkling devices, for the most part, are placed on the ground and when lighted shoot showers of sparks into the air. The permitted sparkling devices have no projectiles like traditional fireworks. Devices that are not permitted for sale or use by the public are Sky Rockets, Bottle Rockets, Firecrackers, Roman Candles, traditional fireworks, and illegal fireworks. Click here for the types of devices that are and are not permitted. The use of the sparkling devices is only permitted on private property and not within 15 feet of structures, vehicles, trees, bushes, and other combustible materials.

Persons or companies requesting permission to sell sparkling devices should be directed to call L&I, Commercial Fire Inspection Unit at (215) 686-2400. The sale or use of fireworks, other than sparkling devices, without a permit should be reported to Philly 311. Click here to get more information about fireworks safety.

Sparkling Devices - for information on sparkling devices click here

Pesticide Foggers
Did you know that fires can occur from the use of pesticide foggers?
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Barbeque Grills
Barbeque Grills are regulated by the Philadelphia Fire Code. Click here for more details