Philadelphia Fire Department's KidZone!

Quiz: Hazards, Hazards, Everywhere!


Prevention is better than cure!  The first thing you should do for fire safety is to prevent fire in your own home.  But you can’t do that without knowing how to identify fire hazards!  Here’s some that you should know..

1) Which of the following is not true about live Christmas trees?

They should be watered daily
They should be placed near the fireplace
They should be placed where they do not block doors or exits

2) If you see a plug with a frayed cord, you should..

Touch the cord to check if it is dangerous
Tell an adult and have them fix it
Take out the toolbox and try to replace the cord yourself

3) Which of the following is not true about portable heaters?

They should be turned off before you go to sleep
They should be placed near the bed to keep you warm
They should be plugged into a wall socket, not an extension cord

4) Grills should only be used..

In the kitchen
On the balcony

5) Lint should be removed from the dryer..

Before using the dryer each time
Once a week

6) Paint and other flammable materials should be stored..

Under the stairs
Under the sink
In tightly closed metal cans

7) If you use scented candles at home, you should..

Leave it on burning overnight to make the house smell pleasant
Place the candle in a candle holder to keep the surroundings safe
Place the candle near curtains or other things that may burn

8) If you find lighters or matches lying around in the house, you..

Bring them to class for Show and Tell
Hide them from your parents
Give them to your parents or another adult for safekeeping