Philadelphia Fire Department's KidZone!

Junior Firefighter Certification Examination


Junior firefighters need to know all about fire and how to teach their family and friends to stay safe.  It sure isn’t easy to be a junior firefighter!  But if you can do well in this examination, I’ll know that you have what it takes to be one!

1) The best time to do a fire drill is…

In the morning, right after waking up
In the afternoon, when everyone is having lunch
At night, when everyone is sleeping

2) To have early warning in case of a fire, you and your family should..

Check your smoke alarm batteries regularly (9V: Once a week. Lithium: Once a month.)
Take turns staying up at night to keep watch in case of fire
Have a family dog trained to warn you in case of fire

3) When adults are cooking, they should stay safe by..

Wearing clothes with long, loose, flowing sleeves
Leaving cooking unattended to go to the bathroom for a short while
Keeping oven mitts and holders nearby in case they are needed

4) If adults smoke, they should stay safe by..

Smoking while cooking
Smoking outside the home
Smoking in bed

5) Fire requires heat, fuel, and oxygen.  Which of the following will not put the fire out?

Putting a burning candle in a jar and closing it
Pouring sand over a fire
Pouring oil over a fire

6) Which of the following is not true?

Smoke is dangerous if you inhale it
You should dial 911 for practice even if there is no emergency
Use the stairs in an emergency if you are in a multi-level building

7) Smoke rises in a fire, so to escape a fire, you should..

Running out of the house as fast as you can
Stay calm, drop to the ground, and crawl out of the house
Stay calm and walk quickly out of the house

8) When you hear the fire alarm ring in school, you and friends should..

Run out of the building as fast as you can
Stay quietly in line, and follow the teacher to the safe meeting place
Run out into the corridor and scream “Fire!” to alert everyone