Philadelphia Fire Department's KidZone!

Hi Kids!

Everybody who wants to be a firefighter must go to a Fire Academy to learn everything they need to know to fight fire, and stay safe. Here's our special academy to train our Junior Firefighters. Listen hard, and do well!

Take the Junior Firefighter Examinations at the end, and if you do well, you'll receive your very own certificate and badge from me, Gentry the Fire Dog, and you'll be an official Junior Firefighter!

We, at the Fire Department, are all very proud of our promising young firefighters!



School House Firefighter Test Zone Library

Course #1
Gentry’s Safety Suggestions

Course #2
Barney Battery’s Big Warning

Course #3
Easy Escape Planning

Course #4
Hunting for Hazards

Course #5
Sizzling Science

Fire Escape Planning

Hazards, Hazards, Everywhere!

Junior Firefighter Certification Examination

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