Philadelphia Fire Department's KidZone!

Course #2: Barney Battery's Big Warning!


Do you know what the first line of defense against FIRE in your home is?

That's right, smoke alarms!

Most fatal fires occur when people are sleeping. A smoke alarm alerts you when there is a fire, in time to save you and your family.

Where to place your smoke alarm

There should be a smoke alarm outside every sleeping area!


It is also best to place a smoke alarm in every bedroom to help alert you better to a fire.


Use your smoke alarm with a fire escape plan

Create a fire escape plan with your family and practice it at least twice a year!


Make sure to carry out a drill when everyone is asleep to make sure that the alarm is loud enough to wake everyone up to escape .


Care for your smoke alarm

Remember to care for your smoke alarm as it cares for you!


Gently vacuum off any dust and dirt on the cover once a month.


Test your smoke alarm regularly to make sure it is working.

9V batteries should be tested once a week.

Lithum batteries should be tested once a month.