Philadelphia Fire Department's KidZone!
1) What is the leading cause of home fires?
2) How do you know if there is a fire at someone's house?
3) Why are fire engines red?
4) Why are Dalmatians firedogs?
5) Who started the first fire department in the United States?
6) What was the biggest fire in Philadelphia?
7) How can firefighters go into a fire?
8) How can I get out of my room if there are bars on my windows?
9) What is the most dangerous part of a fire?
10) What is the most important thing to remember in case of a fire?
11) Does it really help to crawl low?
12) Are firefighters clothes fireproof?
13) Why don't we call firefighters, firemen?
14) How hot does a fire really get?
15) Why are there different kinds of smoke alarms?
16) Where should smoke alarms be placed?
17) How often do smoke alarms need to be tested?
18) How can you press the test button when it is on the ceiling?
19) Do smoke alarms last forever?
20) Why do we say smoke alarm instead of smoke detector?
21) What is a good escape plan?
22) Who answers the 911 phone call?