Philadelphia Fire Department's KidZone!

Course #1: Gentry's Safety Suggestions


Have a "No Matches & Lighters" policy at home.

Matches, lighters, and other tools used to make fire are dangerous. Tell an adult if you see them lying around!


Keep all radiators, heaters and boilers clean!

Radiators, heaters, and boilers keep you warm, but are also dangerous because they produce heat. Keep them well-maintained to prevent them from causing a fire!


Keep radiators and heaters clear!

Don't place clothes, toys, or other objects on top of radiators or heaters. Put them at least 3 feet away from anything else!

toy on radiator

Have adults practice safe cooking!

Chefs should always keep a close watch on their cooking!

Keep pot and pan handles turned inwards.


Store flammables far away from sources of heat!

Keep old rags, paint cans, cleaning liquids, oils, newspapers, magazines, and other flammable materials far away from furnaces, heaters, and radiators.