Thank you for your interest in joining the Philadelphia Fire Department. We are always looking to recruit new members to our team.

Becoming a firefighter, paramedic or working as a civilian involves sacrifice, loyalty, and courage.
Please review this section to learn about our open positions. Again, thank you for your interest !

You may visit the City of Philadelphia's Personnel Department website at http://www.phila.gov/personnel/

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Entry Level Selection Process and Requirements

(1) All applicants must apply for, take, and pass a civil service examination. The type of examination, written or other format, is listed on the job announcement for a particular job class, i.e. Firefighter or Fire Service Paramedic, whenever these examinations are announced. If successful on the examination, your name will be placed on the appropriate list in rank order of your overall score. Civil Service examinations are typically announced every two years. Applications are only accepted during open recruitment periods. Specific examination announcements can be accessed from the City’s website at http://www.phila.gov/personnel.

(2) You do not have to be a Philadelphia resident to take the examination; however, you must become a resident within six months after hire.

(3) When your rank on the eligible list is reached, you will be certified for processing. Processing includes:

  • A screening interview with departmental representatives.
  • A drug test
  • A criminal background investigation
  • A work history background investigation
  • Qualifications screening
  • Driver’s license screening
  • Screening by the State of Pennsylvania for EMT certification approval for Firefighter applicants
  • Verification as a State certified Paramedic for Fire Service Paramedic applicants.

(4) You must be a high school graduate or possess a general equivalency diploma (G.E.D.) for Firefighter and Fire Service Paramedic positions. You must also posses a valid Pennsylvania drivers license.

(5) Successful candidates will be offered a conditional offer of appointment and must pass a comprehensive medical examination prior to final appointment as a Firefighter or Fire Service Paramedic.

(6) All newly appointed Firefighters and Fire Service Paramedics must serve a one year probationary period, effective the date of appointment.

(7) New Firefighters receive approximately sixteen (16) weeks of EMT and fire suppression training at the Philadelphia Fire Academy before graduating and receiving a field assignment.

(8) New Fire Service Paramedics receive approximately six (6) weeks of training at the Philadelphia Fire Academy and an internship with an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Medic Unit before assignment as a probationary Fire Service Paramedic in a field Medic Unit.

(9) More specific information can be found on the Civil Service announcement for each of position.