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City of Philadelphia

Developer Services

The Developer Services Program helps large real estate projects get through the approval and regulatory process more easily by connecting Developers to key City departments through Developer Services Committee Meetings. The Real Estate Development team can also serve as liaisons throughout the development process. This service is especially useful for developers unfamiliar with the City approval process.

Who Qualifies

This voluntary program is available to all developers of major real estate projects, such as:

  • New construction or conversions
  • Projects with more than 25 residential units or 50,000 sq. ft. of gross floor area

Overview of the Steps 

  1. Developer contacts Developer Services to request a Concept Review Meeting to present preliminary design and survey plans to Planning Commission staff and other approval agencies, as needed.
  2. After the initial review, the Developer submits updated information about the project to Developer Services and a Developer Services Committee meeting is scheduled.
  3. At the meeting, the Developer presents the project to the Developer Services Committee for feedback.
  4. The Real Estate Development team, in the Department of Commerce, serves as liaisons with City departments and other agencies until the project is complete.

Benefits of the Program

 Participating in the Developer Services Program helps the developer:
  • Discuss plans with representatives from each agency related to the project
  • Get feedback on the necessary regulatory or legal approvals
  • Coordinate or clarify issues that may be regulated by more than one department
  • Establish a schedule for project implementation of approvals, utility service, and public actions

Contact Developer Services

John Mondlak
Director of Real Estate Development

Meredith Trego
Manager of Real Estate Development

Kevin Hunter
Policy Analyst