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Frequently Asked Questions

What aspects of License and Inspections is the Special Commission reviewing?

Mayor Nutter has tasked the Special Commission to investigate all aspects of License and Inspections structure and operations. We are looking into issues ranging from staffing, fees, permits, building demolition, vacant structures, inspections, and customer service, among many other topics.

What will be the end result of the Special Commission's work?

The Special Commission is an advisory commission to the Mayor, and as such, it will provide a written report to him on September 15, 2014. The report will provide an analysis of L&I, and most importantly, a set of specific recommendations to improve public safety and L&I's service to the citizens of the City of Philadelphia.

How will the recommendations be implemented?

Since the Commission's role is purely advisory, the implementation of all recommendations will be reviewed by the Mayor and City Council. Ultimately, they will be responsible for moving forward with implementation.

Is the commission investigating the procedure followed by License and Inspections during the collapse of building at 22nd and Market St.?

Yes, the Special Commission will be investigating demolition regulations and procedures concerning that incident.

Is the Special Commission looking into recommendations for streamlining the process of obtaining License and Inspections approval for home improvements using at least one contractor?

Yes, the Special Commission will address concerns about the L&I approval process for home improvements.

Is the Commission investigating what L&I does about the large number of abandoned buildings in the City?

Yes, the Special Commission is reviewing current practices, as well as similar practices in cities similar to Philadelphia, in order to make recommendations to the Mayor.

Will the Special Commission make recommendations about current practices in building demolitions throughout the City?


Is the Commission investigating whether one needs to retain an “expeditor” to help citizens get permits for home renovations?

Yes, this issue will be investigated since using an expeditor seems to be an accepted practice among some homeowners and small businesses.

How do I contact the Special Commission?

Yes, those interested in being interviewed can contact the Special Commission by calling 1-844-603-5070, emailing L&, or visiting and clicking on the “Contact Us” link.

Can I be interviewed at a secure and private location and or anonymously?

Yes. When you contact the Special Commission please indicate your interview preferences.