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Inspector General

  • Laws & Regulations

    Find the charter provisions, executive orders and amendments that establish the Office of the Inspector General and outline its power and duties. These documents give guidance to operating departments on city policies.

  • Reports

    Find OIG's annual reports, executive summaries, responses, policies, and more.

  • Investigating Wrongdoing

    Working to root out fraud, waste and corruption by investigating misconduct and recommending policy change.

  • Contract Compliance

    Individuals and businesses who have been awarded lucrative City contracts must abide by stringent requirements at every stage of the process, designed to guarantee fairness and equality. The Contract Compliance Unit is committed to protecting the integrity of the City’s contracting process.

About the Office of the Inspector General

The OIG is the watchdog for the taxpayers of the city. The OIG has jurisdiction to conduct investigations and audits over all departments, agencies, commissions and boards under the Mayor's jurisdiction, as well as in contracts with individuals or companies receiving City funds and doing business with the City.

From the Inspector General

A message from Amy Kurland, Inspector General, to the citizens of Philadelphia.

Contracting Opportunities

The OIG requires the minimum qualifications from interested firms and individuals to perform the investigative consultant or suveillance contracting work.

What's New

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