Fire Prevention Division
The Fire Prevention Division is commanded by a Deputy Chief and manages all fire prevention and public relations activities for the Department.  This Unit gives fundamental guidance to our citizens through educational programs directed to all segments of our society.  The Fire Prevention Division’s commitment to our Field Forces is manifested through their involvement in “Community Outreach Programs” presented by neighborhood fire Companies.

The Fire Prevention Division is composed of three specialized units - the Youth Team, the Institutional Team and the High-Rise Team.

Visual Communications
The Visual Communications Unit (VCU), is staffed by four Firefighter-Photographers and supports the Department's daily photographic needs including: public relations events; photographing fire scenes for the Fire Marshal's Office; documenting field fire prevention programs; accident coverage; extra alarm fires; and the many activities of the Fire Prevention Division.

Graphic Arts
The Graphic Arts Unit is manned by one Firefighter experienced in commercial art. This Firefighter creates, hand-paints, and letters signs, posters, and Department fire prevention floats used in parades. This Firefighter is also responsible for all of the Department’s artwork needs in refurbishing and updating upcoming event signs and posters, as well as special honorary gifts from the Fire Commissioner.



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